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Hey, thanks for nosing about on our site. This is an independent web site and not affiliated with any company.


At Essential Rock Reviews, rock, heavy metal, thrash metal and all the sub genres are our passion. 

We have no hidden agendas and we simply review albums, gigs and artists to share our love for great music.


From classic rock to thrash metal, we hope to show our fellow humans that there's more to music than the garbage that is pushed out onto society today. There are thousands of great, supremely talented  rock and metal bands out there working hard, gigging all around the world to provide you with first class entertainment and they are driven by the same passion that makes us do our bit on here.


Go out and support these guys they'll give you some wonderful memories.


If you are a band, an agent of a band, or a venue and we have contacted you, then It's because we like what you do and want to engage with you for our mutual benefit.  So, if you like how we do things then please feel free to get in touch.


If you have an album or gig  to showcase or review then please get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist.


All work and  photography within this site unless otherwise indicated  is produced by and copyright of Essential Rock Reviews.


You can email us on these official bad boy email addresses, however for some reason they are  painfully slow;  editor@essentialrockreviews.com  / admin@essentialrockreviews.com


For a speedier response you can contact us on UK 07540 00 91 59 if your requirement is pressing.   Please no spam, dirty phone calls, PPI, Solar panels, double glazing, lifestyle surveys or other annoying crap.


And most important of all, thank you for stopping by.